Learn an Extremely Effective Method to Reduce Foot Neuropathy

If you have pain in your foot  like burning, tingling, pins-and-needles, numbness or a stocking-and-glove sensation, watch the video below.


No matter what the underlying cause for neuropathy symptoms (diabetes, chemotherapy, etc.), a recurring factor is oxidative-debt, which is a lack of oxygen being supplied to the peripheral nerves of the hands and feet. Theses long, fragile nerves need plenty of oxygen and other nutrients to function properly. High glucose levels and chemotherapy can deprive peripheral nerves of much needed oxygen and other nutrients.

So if neuropathy symptoms are on some level caused by a lack of oxygen to the nerves, any technique that increases blood circulation to the area will provide oxygen and decrease symptoms. The Neuropathy Foot Massage protocol does exactly that: increases local circulation of blood to the foot, delivering oxygen and other nutrients to the nerves supplying that area.


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